How to set up google home automation?

Google home automation is an excellent choice to step into the future and transform your living space into a smart and efficient home. Are you buying the Google Nest Hub? Or perhaps, you’ve made a more budget-friendly choice with the Google Home Mini?

Regardless of whichever Google Assistant device you’ve invested in, putting together your smart home control points is not that difficult. Google ensures an easy, user-friendly process to make your smart home intensely comfortable and accessible. You see, Google home automation devices can be used with over 1000 brands and more than 10, devices!

Setting up your Google home assistant is not difficult at all. You can use your Google Home app to sync up any given device you want to, and then, you can easily control it using voice commands or a few taps. This article will walk you through the process of getting started.

Here, take a look:

Invest in a Google-Powered Smart Home Gadget

Google’s smart home devices are an excellent automation tool to control all your appliances with your voice. You can use the Google Assistant available in most Android phone, but to offer utility and functionality to your entire family, it is wise to invest in a smart speaker or smart display. This will help you enjoy superior control and functionality.

We strongly recommend the Nest Hub, an excellent choice to make as it comes with a touchscreen for controlling and customizing your devices, alongside responding to voice commands. It will also remind you of all the smart devices that are connected to your smart home, an ideal choice for seniors.

The Google Home Mini is a great budget-friendly alternative, and it comes with a built-in Google Assistant. A smart speaker or display allows the entire family to control the smart home automation features with considerable ease.

Make the Introductions

Once you’ve made your purchase and brought your device home, it’s time to introduce Google to your family members. The Google Assistant can be trained to recognize multiple voices of each family member, alongside customizing responses to offer a highly personalized experience.

However, each family member will have to create a Google account, or sync their existing account with the Google Home app. Then, you can start training Google by repeating the wake words. Each member should take part in the exercise so Google can tailor its answers for each family member.

If you’re buying the Google Nest Hub or Home Mini, you don’t have to sync any accounts as anyone can enjoy the personalization and accessibility of the device.

Position your Device

Now it’s time to find the right location for your device. It is advisable to put it in a spot where it will prove most useful. We recommend you to find a centrally-located space, such as the living room, or the kitchen.

The Google Nest Hub is particularly useful in the kitchen as you can enjoy recipes, food delivery and takeout information and much more.