The cost of installing the Nest thermostat

The cost of installing the Nest thermostat can vary greatly. It will obviously depend on your location and what part of the United States you live. It’s not the same to receive service in California than in Ohio for example.

Installing the Nest Thermostat is actually easy and fast when you know what you’re doing, but it takes more time to actually set the thermostat on your phone and the apps needed to control it. Once in a while you may encounter a glitch that may not allow you to connect the thermostat to your phone or the Wi-Fi, this happens because every thermostat that comes in the box is going to have a different type of firmware. The smart thermostats are obviously produced in different months of the year; before they are put into the boxes the necessary software is loaded, and this can vary depending on how old or new coming from the assembly line. When your phone has a newer firmware compared to the one the thermostat has from the box it may create some kind of conflict. That is when the experience on installing Nest Thermostat comes in since there will be additional time consuming steps needed to make it work.

It is very important at the time of installing your Nest Thermostat that you remember the Wi-Fi password, your email login, and all other necessary information in order to make the process smoothly. The Nest Thermostat is actually compatible with 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi. It is interesting to notice that 2.4 GHz works better when there are a lot of walls in your house, the wavelength of the 2.4 GHz Internet connection travels better through walls and other surfaces, it is also less prone to interference with other devices.

Installing the Nest thermostatIt could easily take about one hour to one and half hours to install a Nest Thermostat. The initial time is always spent installing the thermostat on the wall and making sure that all the wires are in the right place. Depending on how much the company installing the thermostat charges per hour your rate may be higher or lower. Some companies may choose to have the customer purchase the thermostat to then have them install it, or they may choose to sell you the thermostat right out if they are Nest Pro Certified.

Something important to remember when getting a nest thermostat installed is that you only get the extended warranty when the job was performed by a licensed and Nest Pro Certified technician. These two or three years additional warranty is worth a lot. Places like Best Buy will charge for this type of coverage, but when we install it you will get it for free, no questions asked. If your thermostat fails within the warranty period you will get a new replacement at no cost to you for the device, you will have to pay though for the installation/travel, but the savings are great.

When it comes to cost it is important to mention that the thermostat you can purchase at Home Depot, Best Buy, Amazon, and other places are not considered contractor quality thermostat, the actually have different SKUs right from the boxes. Even if you have a nest Pro certified installer you will not get the warranty since the device was not purchased through a qualified company. So obviously, this has an inherent value, you’re getting extra protection for free.

At Northside Heating and Air Conditioning we offer customers a flat fee when it comes to installing a Nest Learning Thermostat, or a Nest E. You pay one price, and it comes with the installation, the device and the warranty.

For labor only the cost of installing a nest thermostat could range anywhere from $150 up to $250, for the travel, time and labor. But remember, one of the most important things is that the company installing your devices is responsible and that they will stand behind their work.