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WHAT HAPPENS IF AC IS NOT SERVICED?As your air conditioning unit is a vital part of your home, it needs to be appropriately maintained. This will not only ensure that your unit is working well, but also you will save on air conditioner costs. If you do not service your air conditioner regularly, there are serious consequences. You may have a faulty appliance that is prone to failure and maybe the cause of several problems in your home, leading to high energy bills, reduced comfort levels, and even potential health risks.

Regular maintenance can ensure your air conditioning unit is operating at its optimum efficiency. You should have it serviced every year on a cycle when the humidity level is low, and there is not much snowfall.

These conditions occur when the winter weather is at its most severe, and there is a low moisture level in the air. Without the moisture, mold spores can increase, and if you do not have regular maintenance performed on the unit, mold spores can start to form in the air conditioner.

When the mold spores are introduced into the air, they can build up in the air conditioner unit. Over time, they will turn into the bacteria that cause respiratory ailments. Asthma is one of the most common diseases associated with air conditioning units not being serviced regularly.

An air conditioner unit is not immune to rusting or damage. If you have a humidifier, you should consider getting one with an automatic shut-off feature to prevent condensation build-up. You also need to make sure your filters are replaced regularly to keep the system running smoothly.

It is always good to check the AC regularly to make sure that it is working correctly. Although this may seem like an unnecessary chore, it is essential to make sure that the system is working correctly and that there are no potential problems in the future. If you are not doing this yourself, you might want to consider getting someone to do the job for you not to have to worry about it.

To help you keep up with regular maintenance, many websites offer detailed instructions and videos. Many even offer discounts and coupons for customers who take advantage of these services. However, if you prefer to perform your maintenance, you can call an air conditioning technician or a home improvement store to have them perform it for you.

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